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Life Drawing – Tucson

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Open Sketch – Figure Drawing

All at TDS ~ The Drawing Studio

Friday evenings: 6-9 pm
Sundays: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Mondays: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Monday evenings: 6-9 pm

3-hour pose costumed on Friday evenings
All other sessions have short poses,
from 2 minutes to one hour
Easels and drawing horses provided at TDS
Use odorless or very low-odor solvents,
& bag your rags, please.
Session fee is $10.
(Associates may buy vouchers @ $75 for 10.)

Photo Policy is stated below.

The Drawing Studio

2760 N. Tucson Blvd.
(at Glenn)


Open Sketch fee
is $10.

See a Directory of
figure drawing
groups across the
US & Canada:

model schedule model schedule model schedule model schedule model schedule model schedule

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Model Heather C

Altered photographs and
Web design by Rebecca Olson




Model Schedule


Pop-up Sessions Monday Monday
Evening 6-9 pm AM 9:30-12:30
AM 9:30-12:30
Evening 6-9 pm
Dec 1 Sarah M 3 Edin S 4 Casey S 4 Emily S
8 Cecil M 10 Roxy 11 Roxy 11 Sarah M
15 Akasia O 17 Roxy 18 Huajilla 18 Casey S
22 Bradford T 24 OFF Happy
New Year!
25 OFF 25 OFF
29 Roxy R Dec 31 OFF JAN 1 OFF JAN 1 Rambo R
5 Margarita B 7 Judith S 8 Roxy R 8 Casey S
12 Cecil M 14 Isaac W 15 Edin S 15 Emily S
19 Roxy R 21 Carla P 22 Huajilla H 22 Sarah M
26 Gaby 28 Isaac W 29 Judith S 29 Khalilah T
Feb 2 Isaac W Feb 4 Roxy R 5 TBA 5 Rambo R
9 Cecil M 11 Edin S 12 TBA 12 TBA

All sessions are $10

Sessions that are costumed are marked with a yellow background.
Names underlined link to costumed photos of the model.

Join the mailing list email Rebecca.

The Drawing Studio website now posts
a model schedule for Open Studio

Monday mornings are monitored by Howard Yoffe,
and Monday nights are monitored by Stephen Judy.

Rebecca Olson monitors on Sunday AM (short poses) and
Friday evening sessions (one long pose,
costumed, good for painters).
Tim Callaghan, Maud Koch, Christy Olsen, Erika Atwood,
and Reid Silvern serve as substitutes.

Open Studio sessions continue* throughout the summer,
and year-round. *Mostly... so check for updates.
Some Monday mornings may be off during Youth Art of Summer.
(Open Studio is OFF on Thanksgiving, Christmas (Eve & Day),
and New Year's Day)

Want to receive email announcements?
Email Rebecca.
Painters are welcome for the long poses:
Friday evenings are one long pose, costumed.

(Painters are requested to use odorless solvents,
and bag your rags.)

See  for more information.


Coordinated by
Rebecca Olson

Send e-mail
"Re: Open Sketch" to

The TDS website
now also posts
a model schedule.

Our experienced
and creative models
are a constant source
of inspiration.
We salute them!

2760 N. Tucson Blvd.
at Glenn

Model schedule
is subject to change
without notice.
TBA = To Be

I haven't yet
scheduled it or
posted it, or the
monitor has not
yet let me know.
Tune in later!

Session Monitors:

Stephen Judy
Rebecca Olson
Howard Yoffe

Reid Silvern
Christy Olsen
Pete McCray
Bob White
Tom Bielejec
Betty Counseller

Rebecca's website:


Re. New or Pop-up
At this time
we have no news
of new sessions.
We'd be glad to
hear of any,
and post referrals
to other pages for
more information.

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(The Drawing Studio MOVED OUT
of 33 S. 6th Ave. downtown, and bought a building...)

And since March 20, 2015, OpenSketch takes place at . . .
2760 N. Tucson Blvd.
(SE corner at Glenn)


Photo Policy >>>

Photo Policy

Photos for reference are permitted ONLY during costumed sessions,
and even then, only with the model's permission.
Attending only to take photos is not appropriate.

Taking a photo during our nude figure sessions is ABSOLUTELY prohibited.