"Waiting in the Wings"

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Waiting in the Wings

Evolving Creation
        (continued from story here)

  A turning point is a call to retell the inner narrative. Recognizing the places we stopped, where we might have pushed through, we can also see the learning we found by changing direction.

  This new painting expanded my idea of what is possible now. Painting from a favorite life drawing and my reference photo, I felt no Block, or blob, puff or residue of fear or grief remained. A clear slate, and playful joy replaced all that.

  There are always hurdles, of time, space or plain ornery avoidance. I find life drawing in full color is uniquely satisfying; still every drawing holds some seed of a Painting that calls to be attempted.

  In the stories we tell ourselves, the future is born. I believe the practice of drawing, which I have never forsaken, is good exercise for the muscle we use to check our assumptions, question our own authority, and find new perspective. In this way, art fosters flexibility, reconnects mind, hand, and heart, to restore our initial roles as creators of our own evolution.

                       Rebecca Olson

"Waiting in the Wings"

Oil on canvas
30 x 24 in.



Giclees available, on canvas:
30" x 24" – $480
25" x 20" – $350

The sudden rediscovery
of a long forgotten painting
led to the creation of this one.
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